The Psychology of Body Confidence

[tabgroup] [tab title=”english”] The way I found my smile In times of social media, we find ourselves confronted with beauty standards on a daily basis. This can lead to an excessive preoccupation with one’s own beauty. In the last time, I read many articles about how to be happy with your body.

Setting the Sails with Pretty Attitude

[tabgroup] [tab title=”english”] A Sailor’s Bride in Paris It was another day in Paris during my vacation. While researching the different districts of Paris I came across the Canal Saint Martin. It spreads through the city from North to South and its riversides are lined with little cafés and boutiques.

Voodoo Love in Paris – Part I

[tabgroup] [tab title=”english”] Take a walk with me and Chelsea in Paris I’m very lucky that my hometown is located near the French border and that I can visit Paris by train in no time. So I decided to celebrate my birthday in the city of love.

Walldorf Weekender 2015

english Wandering the Walldorf Weekender Oh, how I longed for the Pentecost weekend. Not only because of the free time, but because of the annual gathering of Rock’n’Roll enthusiasts at the Walldorf Weekender. I had an amazing time with my friend Djamila and I want to tell you more about my day at Walldorf.