Fundraising Campaign for mental health during COVID 19

As some of you might already know, I work as an online psychologist. I opened my online practice last year and I support clients from all around the world via Videochat, on the phone, in life-chats or via Email.

Mental health is very important to me – especially during the Corona crisis.

A brief summary of the last couple of weeks: The Corona virus changed pretty much everything in our everyday life. This change happened pretty fast and it was unpredictable, giving us no time to adjust properly.

Besides, we are looking into an uncertain future, which can be unsettling.

We also needed to change our social behavior entirely. We’re afraid to loose our jobs or we already did. Essential workers don’t have much time to adjust because the stress is higher than ever, and those who are in isolation have too much time to ruminate about current and future life. 


I hold a doctoral degree in psychology and I want to use my expertise in online psychology to help people in need to go through the crisis. During the last weeks, I specialized in “mental health advice during COVID 19” and I want to give valid information, tips and a shoulder to cry on for everybody.


Online Psychology is not (yet) covered by German health insurance, meaning that my clients usually pay a fee.
However, a lot of people suffer financially losses and aren’t able to pay for a psychological service.


I offer my crisis sessions for free for all essential workers and for a much smaller fee to everybody in need.
However, I am reaching my financial limits as well.

That’s why I ask you to donate something to this fund if you have some spare money. Donate for your fellow people that can’t afford talking to a professional psychologist at the moment.With every donation, you contribute to mental health during the crisis. You enable others to get the help they need – especially now. Please support me to support our essential workers and our fellow humans in need.

Both the people need and I, we thank you for your donation!

Here is the official link to the campaign:

Dr. Katharina Stenger

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