Press Pause – My year 2016

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Press Pause – Rina’s 2016 review

Photo: Carlos Kella | MUAH: Mele Krieg | Styling: Alexandra Steinert

It is that time of the year where we like to look back at the events that were happening in our lives throughout the year. When I look back, I see a turbulent year with a lot of changes and chances. I started focussing and working more on myself and my future. I discovered happy places, I met supportive people and I went through some times. I collected a few happy memories of my 2016 for you:



I was thrilled when I got the first mail from the Nastrovje Potsdam Shop. They offered me to feature the most beautiful vintage dresses from Vive Maria, the classy gowns from Pussy Deluxe and the coolest clothes from Disney. I did many photo shoots for the newest collections and I was jumping for joy every time I received a package from the Napo Shop.


  Photos: Reiner Eisenbeis

One of my highlights was my visit to the Viva Las Vegas, one of the biggest rockabilly events in the world. Together with my friend Djamila, I swirled through The Orleans where we met a ton of interesting and inspiring people. The most exciting photo shoot happened with Charles Torrealba, the talent behind Silver & Soul Creative, and his squad Miss Rockabilly Ruby and Erika Reno. A dream came true as the ladies turned me into a Hollywood diva.  



Another great event happened in Walldorf – The famous german Rockabilly Weekend opened the doors to welcome its fans from all over the world. I was joyful to meet friends like Anna and Markus from 30sto50s, the Kleinkariert ladies or the Vintagizers-Team.


I had the great chance to return to one of my favourite cities in Germany – Hamburg! Carlos Kella invited me to the ‘Girls and Legendary US Cars’ calendar release event where I met old and new friends. Of course I couldn’t leave the city without doing another photo shoot for Sway Books’ new calendar for 2018. I guess I’ll be back in Hamburg next summer!



I also got to shoot some cool clothes for Pretty Attitude during the summer. I remember traveling to Belgium for our very first photo shoot in 2012 and traveling to Birmingham in 2013. Since then, I had many chances to feature Pretty Attitude on my Blog, for example on Halloween and Christmas.


Photos: Reiner Eisenbeis

I had another unique and creative photo shoot with my friend Sonja Saur Photography. She and Mirjam Paul turned me into a mermaid and made my girly wish come true. It was a very fun day at the lake and I realized how hard being a mermaid can be.


Being a Pin-Up model isn’t always easy, especially when it comes to hairdressing. Although I have about five years of experience now, there are still some really bad hair days happening. Miss Mint offers a detailed book about vintage hairdressing and I was more than happy to be a part of it 150 mg generic viagra. I had a fun day in Berlin working with Miss Mint and Sally from The Cherrymuffin Studios. Hairdressing will remain a tricky business for me but I’m always thankful to learn new tricks.

I also returned to Switzerland to attend the Route 66 Event in Aarburg. I had the glorious mission to crown the new Miss Route 66 – April Vintage. I spent a vibrant weekend with old friends and I also got the chance to visit the beautiful city of Zurich again.


Photos: Marcio Photo & Art


My heart was full of joy as my friend Nouva Fotografie told me that she wanted to open a new photo studio. She is very talented and creative and she was a big help as photographer for this Blog. We also brought a special event into being – a Pin-Up Photo Shooting event where I take the role of a personal Pin-Up Coach. We started off with a Christmas themed event and we’re eager to offer more events next year!  

This year ended with a bang. I found the latest issue of the Vintage Flaneur under my Christmas tree, The Flaneur is one of Germany’s most famous vintage magazines and I’m very cheerful to be a part of it. I will only show you one photo for now, because I want to write more about this Vintage Romance next year.

In the end, I want to thank everyone who made this year special for me.

I want to thank every one of my readers for your friendship, your love and your support.

Have a good New Year!


♥ Love, Rina ♥

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365 Tage

Foto: Carlos Kella | MUAH: Mele Krieg | Styling: Alexandra Steinert

Neigt sich das Jahr dem Ende zu, sind wir geneigt, auf all die Dinge zurückzuschauen, die uns in den vergangenen 365 Tagen passiert sind. Schaue ich zurück, sehe ich ein turbulentes Jahr. Es gab Momente, die neue Erfahrungen entstehen ließen und es gab Momente, die Erfahrenes enden ließen. Ich habe viel gelernt, vor allem über mich selbst. Und ich freue mich, nach vorne zu schauen und das neue Jahr zu begrüßen. Doch bevor ich das tue, möchte ich ein paar Erinnerungen mit euch teilen, die dieses Jahr für mich besonders gemacht haben.