Rina’s Pinup Workshop in Japan

For the very first time, Rina co-organized a Pinup class in Japan. 

Together with Miss Alice from Taiwan, she taught the aspiring Pinup Girls in Tokyo how to pose with confidence in their Pinup Outfits. 

The class was hosted at the Pinup Shop Psycho Apparel in Saitama, Tokyo, and included a hands-on hair seminar by Miss Alice and profound posing coaching by Rina. 

The big finale of the Pinup Day 2019 at Psycho Apparel was a Pinup Party where the girls took photos with classic cars.

The Pinupday 2019 was also a big day for United Pinups because it was the first time for Rina, Alice and Amy to work together as a team.

For United Pinups, it was a special treat to connect asian pinup girls and to motivate them to try out different vintage-inspired styles in a safe environment. 

The class was a great success and Rina I already very excited to return to Japan for the Pinup Day 2020.

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