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What are you living for?

Ikigai is a Japanese Life Philosophy that is greatly misunderstood as a diagram including something that you love, that you are good at, that the world needs and that you can be paid for.

This is not Ikigai. At least not how Japanese people understand it.

Ikigai is a way of living that involves aligning your work and your everyday life to your purpose.

How do I find my Life Purpose?

You will find out that you don’t need one big Life Purpose in order to live a meaningful life.

Ikigai is about celebrating the small joys each day,  following a sustainable lifestyle and finding a satisfying work-life balance.

It’s about building healthy relationships, living your personal values and pursuing your small goals as well as your life missions.

It is scientifically proven that Ikigai can help you live a healthy and long life, because it gives you motivation and resilience in times of hardship.

Also, Ikigai can be your path to self-actualization – meaning that it leads you to your true, authentic self. It is a process of building self-trust and confidence, of  accepting and loving yourself for who you are and of finding the courage to start something new. 

In the world we now live in, we face constant stress, anxiety and self-doubt, blocking us from our opportunity to grow into the person we want to become. Ikigai is the solution!

And the beauty of this Japanese concept is that it is a universal human experience we can all benefit from. You don’t need to live in Japan in order to find your Ikigai. You already have it, you just need to LIVE it.

Let’s start this journey together!

This is NOT Ikigai

This Venn diagram usually pops up when you google the word “Ikigai”. However, the diagram does not accurately represent the Japanese understanding of Ikigai.

Ikigai is not a framework of doing something that you love, that you are good at, that the world needs, and that you can be paid for.

Ikigai misunderstood Venn Diagram - what you love, what you are good at, what you can get paid for, what the world needs

This common Ikigai misconception is originally based on the work of the Astrologer Andrés Zuzunaga and is called “The Propósito Framework”.

It has no association with Ikigai or the Japanese Culture in general.

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“The things around us exist temporarily.
What we have inside, no one can take it from us.
And one of the things we should have inside is peace.”
– Makoto Rexrode

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Ikigai Coaching Rina Bambina

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Ikigai Coaching Rina Bambina

My goal is to align your life & your work to your purpose.

About me:

I’m Dr. Katharina Stenger – Psychologist, Coach and Japan fan. I hold a PhD in Neuropsychology and as a Coach, I specializing in the field of Positive Psychology.

In 2021 I enrolled in an Ikigai Coaching Program, led by Ikigai Tribe – Japanese scientists and internationally recognized Ikigai experts.

Today I am Head Coach of Germany and member of the Coaching community Ikigai Tribe.

I personal experiences traveling through Japan and my cultural interests make it possible to discover new ways of combining Positive Psychology and Japanese wisdom.

As your Mindset Coach, I support you in matters of self-reflection and creating a life full of meaning, mindfulness & self-love.

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