United Pinups

Introducing United Pinups

In winter 2019, Rina became part of an international group of Pinup Girls called „United Pinups“. The other two members of the girl group are Miss Alice – a hairdresser from Taiwan – and Amy Allynson – a Vintage Enthusiast from Venezuela. The trio wants to connect Pinups from all over the world by supporting all girls who are interested in the Pinup Style.

The background story: 

In some countries, especially throughout Asia, the Pinup Culture is often a small and unknown scene. Girls might have heard about it and look up to the foreign Pinup Girls on Social Media, such as Facebook and Instagram, but they’re having a hard time finding supporters of the scene in their own country.

Rina, Alice and Amy have their unique look, including styling elements of the 1940s and 1950s. They developed their looks on their own by experimenting with vintage-inspired outfits, makeup and hairstyles. By watching vintage-inspired styling tutorials online and by following and messaging with other girls on social media, the girls expanded and refined their Pinup lifestyle over the last years.

But apart from the virtual world, it was difficult for the girls to connect with other Pinups in real life, at least in the beginning of their journey. Eventually, each girl found her scene by attending big events, like the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender. Overwhelmed and absolutely starstruck, the Pinups finally felt „at home“ and very comfortable in their own skin.

Events like Viva Las Vegas bring Pinup fans from all over the world a little bit closer together, but not every Pinup has the opportunity to travel that far to connect with likeminded people. 

That’s why United Pinups cares to bring the scene to the girls all around the world by teaching basic vintage-inspired style, hair & makeup and body language. Also self-confidence and body positivity play an important role for United Pinups because many girls love the vintage-inspired style, but don’t have the confidence to try it out for themselves

United Pinups wants to demonstrate how every girl can blend her unique Pinup look into her everyday life.

To do so, Rina, Alice and Amy combine their own skills: Miss Alice teaches Vintage Hairstyling, Rina coaches posing and confidence in front of the camera and Amy provides instructions for putting together a final vintage-inspired look.

With their experiences and tipps, United Pinups has a mission to empower the Pinup community and to motivate more girls to discover their own pin up style in order to grow into confident women.

United Pinups believe that Vintage Style is for everyone and has no restrictions concerning age, gender and body type.

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