Walldorf Weekender 2015

Wandering the Walldorf Weekender

Oh, how I longed for the Pentecost weekend. Not only because of the free time, but because of the annual gathering of Rock’n’Roll enthusiasts at the Walldorf Weekender. I had an amazing time with my friend Djamila and I want to tell you more about my day at Walldorf.

Sunday, 9:00 am – Getting ready: There is nothing better than starting your day with a good friend and a lot of joyful anticipation. The sound of Rock’n’Roll anthems from the radio provides the perfect atmosphere to get ready to go.

2 pm – Arrival at the Weekender: My heart races like crazy, when I see the first classic cars standing in line in front of the Astoria Halle. I’m so happy and excited to be here.

4 pm – Photo shoot at the Cherrymuffin Studios: It was a long-cherished dream to get photographed by the Vintagizers Sally and Stephan. So I booked a photo shoot in a classy film noir scenery a few days before the event. The emerald green dress is provided by Redcat 7 and turns me into a 20s agent in no time. I had a lot of fun during this photo shoot and the results are sensational.

5 pm – After a short break, Djamila and I take a glance at the oldtimer parade around the hall. The car-owners cheerfully allow us to take some photos with their gems. My petticoat-dress is handmade by the Atelier Belle Couture and suites me well for the occasion, to show my love for the people at the Weekender. My matching little hat is provided by Antia – Die Hutmacherin.

6 pm – Meeting with Anna and Markus from 30sto50s.com: I am very excited about the meeting with two very lovely and passionate people. As co-organizer of the Weekender, Anna and Markus are busy keeping their online community informed about every highlight of the event. Besides their tight schedule, there is enough time to get to know and to love each other at first sight.

7 pm – On a shopping tour: The large range of vintage fashion, shoes and accessories is burning deep holes in our wallets. To sip on some fine wine while getting a cool 50s haircut, is just one of the luxury treatments at the Weekender. At the end of the day, a cardigan from Miss Lovett and a delicious vegan cupcake made by <a href="http://truecupcakes acheter viagra officiel.de/” target=”_blank”>True Cupcakes find their way into my shopping bag.

8 pm – dancing like nobody’s watching: National and international bands are playing all day long on several stages and ensure an authentic atmosphere for the event. There is a lot to see and to hear in front of the stage. In order to fit into the environment, I choose a printed pencil skirt by Deadly Dames, purchased at Pinup Girl Clothing, combined with a matching fascinator from