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I’m incredibly thankful to be a member of the Silvergrain Classics team.

For over two years now, I channel my inner Hollywood Actress in front of the camera.

What’s so great about the photoshoots I do with Marwan Mozayen is that they are entirely analogue. True vintage!

You might already know that I’m a big fan of film photography. I even did an interview with Aphog — the Film Photo Group of Germany — which you can read here:

Note: The Interview is in German.

Because I enjoy the mindful way of film photography so much, I want to inspire other photographers to try out shooting analogue in our studio and develop their film in our laboratory.

That’s why Marwan and I host regular photo workshops in Bad Nauheim. 

Last weekend, we organized a special Film Photo Workshop with a „Film Noir“ Twist.

What’s Film Noir?

Film Noir is a movie genre that is mostly dark and dramatic, shot in black and white.

For this workshop, I stepped into the shoes of Marlene Dietrich, Rita Hayworth and Lauren Bacall. And because every Femme Fatale needs a counterpart, I recruited Sascha Kommer to become my „partner in crime“ for the Film Camera. 

Our first idea was to recreate an old school Music Poster or Vinyl Cover. 

Black and White Photo Music Poster with Rina Bambina

It’s a bit tricky to set the studio lights (a Fresnel and a Spot to highlight the hair) when they are two models. But I think it turnt out great!

…I just wish I could actually sing (I’m the worst singer, haha!)

Can you notice the beautiful pattern on my dress? I found this dress by What Katie Did at my favorite boutique in Frankfurt: Peggy Sue Vintage.

Sascha’s suit is actually an original piece from the 1940s. Wow!

We also did a Solo Set with me acting as a „Roving Reporter“ — of course with a film camera as a prop. The lighting was the same as the previous set with Sascha. We used an additional brightener (a solid white tarp) on my left side to even out the dark shadows a bit. 

Black and White Film Photo in Noir style with Rina Bambina as a roving reporter

I was very lucky to receive a vintage-inspired suit from Berlin, handmade by Frozen Hibiscus. I’ve never worn a suit like this. I felt like a time traveler.

After one day of shooting film, we spend the second day of the workshop inside of the darkroom. 

Here are some of the test prints, shot by our amazing participants:

Printing Film Noir Photos


What do you think? 

For me, it’s a real honor to hold a printed picture in my hands. Every shot is truly unique and each moment frozen in time, never to return or to be copied again. 

The next Film Noir Workshop 2022

The next Film Noir Workshop is scheduled for Fall Season 2022. Contact me if you want to participate. I look forward to shooting some film with you! 

More Behind the Scenes Snapshots:

A big THANK YOU to our talented participants, the Silvergrain Classics Team, to Sascha Kommer and our wardrobe & film sponsors.

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