Happy Holidays

Last Minute Christmas Cookies

‘Tis the season to be jolly!

And we’re not only jolly because we drank too much eggnog, but because we’re spending happy days with our loved ones.

For me, the holiday season is about being grateful and giving something back to the people that show me love and respect. I enjoy giving self-made presents because I can express myself and my feelings that way.

You probably know the saying ‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.’ Well, that phrase applies not only to men, but to almost everybody I know (including myself)!

I decided to become a vegan two years ago and I remember being very nervous when I baked my first Christmas cookies for my family. But I learned pretty quickly that vegan baking needs no sorcery.

Therefore, I’ve picked an easy recipe for vegan Christmas Cookies that I want to share with you. You can even bake them on Christmas Eve and serve them fresh from the oven, like I do.

I was thinking about the perfect outfit for spending Christmas Eve with my family. Usually, we all like to dress up a little for drinks and dinner at my grandparent’s house. That’s why I wanted to look elegant while keeping a touch of vintage romance.

This Cocktail Dress by Pretty Attitude was the perfect fit!

It has a cute floral pattern that shimmers in the light of the Christmas tree. The skirt is flared and looks especially nice when you wear a petticoat underneath it. I like the collar and the cutout the most because they make the dress stand out from other little black dresses.

The fit and flare cut highlights the figure, but the dress is also very comfortable and that’s an important point when you’re planning on eating a looot of food, hehe.

Actually, I wore the dress while baking the cookies. I was worried when I spilled some flour on it but I could easily shake the dust off the fabric. Very cool!

Let’s start baking cookies.


You’ll need:

1) About 1 & ¾ cup of fine wheat flour (equals 200 grams)

2) About ¾ cup of powdered sugar (equals 90 grams)

3) About ¼ cup of cold margarine (equals 50 grams)

4) Just a trace of baking soda

5) 1 Tablespoon of vegan milk (I used almond milk)

6) 1 Tablespoon of vegan cream (I chose soy cream)

7) 1 Tablespoon of sparkling water

8) About 1/3 cup of vegan chocolate (equals 50 grams, I used dark chocolate)

9) 1 Teaspoon of coconut oil

First, mix ingredients 1) to 7) and knead the dough until its texture is smooth – use your hands! I sifted the flour and the sugar to avoid lumps.

Wrap the dough in aluminium foil and put it in the fridge for about one hour. This rest time makes it easier to roll out the dough afterwards.

Dust a baking sheet with some flour and roll out the dough to cut your cookies. My friend Miriam bought the cutest animal cookie cutters!