Shine on, you crazy diamond

[tabgroup] [tab title=”english”] The Metallic Look is back     Photo: Reiner Eisenbeis | MUAH: Djamila Make-Up Artist | Earrings: Glitter Paradise   Sometimes, I feel like I’m magically drawn to shiny objects. These objects of desire can be sparkling pieces of jewellery, glittering eyeshadows or glossy textiles – fabrics that reflect the sunlight beautifully and make […]

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Crazy for Colors

[tabgroup] [tab title=”english”] Somewhere over the rainbow   … I found my way of making my life more colorful. Whenever someone asked me about my favorite color, I couldn’t give an answer right away. When I was a teenager, I faced dark times and I used to wear mainly black clothes. Moreover, I was too

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O‘zapft is!

english Where Bambi meets Beer & Pretzels Once again, the German Oktoberfest opens its doors to welcome thousands and thousands of visitors from around the world. And you definitely want to be suitably dressed for this occasion. Since I have a huge passion for rural nostalgia, I asked myself: Why not combine the traditional Dirndl

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