Rina Valentina

[tabgroup] [tab title=”english”] Rina Valentina – A Vintage-Romance Photos: Vanessa Marie – Fotografie for Vintage Flaneur | MUAH: Jenny Schneider Oh well, a Blogpost about love. What’s love? A question without an answer. That’s why I’ll write my own story about love – a story about nostalgia. To be nostalgic is an important feeling for …

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The Madonna Inn

[tabgroup] [tab title=”english”] Finding Wonderland at the Madonna Inn When I planned my California road trip, I wanted to make sure that I bring back many beautiful memories. And because I like capturing my favorite moments in pictures, I decided to organize a few photo shootings along the west coast. I first noticed the wonderful …

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Shine on, you crazy diamond

[tabgroup] [tab title=”english”] The Metallic Look is back     Photo: Reiner Eisenbeis | MUAH: Djamila Make-Up Artist | Earrings: Glitter Paradise   Sometimes, I feel like I’m magically drawn to shiny objects. These objects of desire can be sparkling pieces of jewellery, glittering eyeshadows or glossy textiles – fabrics that reflect the sunlight beautifully and make …

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